Let a TOUGHdove send your message to the world.

We hope these TOUGHdoves give grace and good humor to you and your world.

About the Paintings and the Site: Jb paints the TOUGHdoves and the Wannabes.  They first appeared in a gallery; now they are free to fly.  Jt is the webmaster, the problem-solver/teacher.

Dove Care:  TOUGHdoves  are tough. And care goes into preparing them.  Yet, they are sensitive!  If the TOUGHdove is many-layered and includes pastel, for example,  some particles of color may fall off the dove onto the mat.  Even though fixative is applied and a spacer is placed between the image and the mat to reduce the chance of falling bits of pigment, still, bits of pigment might appear on the mat.  (If this might bother you, please consider a simpler-style dove).  Be mindful of temperature changes:  cold and hot and damp conditions, prolonged or extreme, can be harmful.  Of course, any knocking around and your dove will look knocked around.  You can always email Jb with any specific questions.  Live with your TOUGHdove !  Let your TOUGHdove move around, shed some, and maybe knock around!  It's a warrior!

Dove Resale:   We discourage resale though we know our doves are valued!

Dove Paths, Dove Tracking:  Let us know if you'd like, in our Community Guestbook, where in the world your TOUGHdove goes.

Toughdoves, we are:small, but mighty.  Between Heaven and Earth, there is TOUGHdove.  Between Heaven and Earth, there is us.  Between Heaven and Earth, this TOUGHdove flies to you, with  joy. Peace be with you.  Joy be with you.  Love be with you.  Joy comes with this TOUGHdove.  My love comes with this TOUGHdove.  Hello: I love you.  Hello, I care.  Hello, I need you.  Hello, I'm with you with this dove.   With this TOUGHdove, I send you part of my heart.  TOUGHdove sends you spark!
You there: be mine.  You there: you’re good wood!    You there: Bravo!   Hey, Hi, and Bravo.  My Gosh, Bravo!   Big Bravo to You!    Happy Trails to You!    You go, and go well, go big!   This TOUGHdove’s message: Go!   This TOUGHdove's for You!    I send you this TOUGHdove for You!   You are my HERO!

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