is us.
There are so many kinds in the world.  Not all can be TOUGHdoves.  Here, on this page, we salute the Others and the Wannabes.  They may not look like TOUGHdoves but they have value, we value the Wannabes. We are all in this together.  Some Wannabes fly as well--or even better--than a TOUGHdove.  Cheers to All. 
Bluebird, flown
Cardinal, flown
Chickadee, flown.
Goldfinch, flown
Sparrow, flown
Junco, flown
Sparrow, flown
Orchard Oriole, flown
Titmouse, flown
young Bluejay, flown
Chickadee, flown
Mandorla, goldfinch, flown
Hummingbird, flown
Female Cardinal, flown
Hummingbird in summer, flown
Junco in winter, flown
Lazarus Housefinch, flown
Trio Juncos * flown
Tufted Titmouse, flown
Female Goldfinch, flown
Cardinal TDove, flown
Downy Woodpecker, flown
Red-bellied Woodpecker, flown
Chipping Sparrow